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I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the University of Edinburgh.

My research focuses on machine translation, language models, efficient algorithms, and distributed systems. This has yielded widely-used tools for language modeling, first-place performance in the Workshop in Machine Translation, and a net 3.2—10.0x speedup for syntactic machine translation.

Open-Source Projects

Hypergraph search
Finds high-scoring hypotheses in hypergraphs or lattices. It is 1.15 to 6.60 times as fast as cube pruning.
An efficient language modeling toolkit based on streaming algorithms and custom data structures. Applying it to estimate a large language model led to first-place performance in the 2013 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation.
MEMT (System combination)
Combines the output of several machine translation systems into a single improved output. In the 2011 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, it won 8 of 10 system combination tracks.



National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship NSF

In 2008, I was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The application required three essays: a summary of past work, motivation, and a potential research plan.

Google Google Books
Picasa Web Albums

From March 2007 to August 2008, I worked at Google as a Software Engineer on Picasa Web Albums and Google Book Search. To share Google's approach to distributed systems, I lectured on the Hadoop MapReduce framework as part of a 3-day class at MIT. I wrote and delivered the introduction, basic join, and entropy lectures.4 Involved employees received a Site Award and a Peer Bonus.
Intended to follow a lecture on MapReduce theory, this introduces basic Hadoop programming
A few slides to explain reducers as joining data from separate sources
Run through of the Hadoop API followed by k-means clustering
Introduces an entropy-based word weighting scheme and uses it to motivate performance strategies

Netlab Netlab

In 2005, I worked for Netlab at Caltech as a Richard and Dena Krown Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow. Professor Low hired me after the summer and I continued until my Infosys internship in June 2006. These reports were prepared for the fellowship.

Galaxy Evolution ExplorerGALEX logo

Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) is a NASA satellite observatory with science operations at Caltech. Starting in 2004 as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, I found about 90 variable stars and asteroids in their 193 million measurements. They hired me to continue working with their data until I graduated in March 2007. Results are published and therefore listed under Publications, above.

Information Management Systems and ServicesCaltech

I worked for Caltech's IT department as a student representative and later as a security tester. They hired me as a security tester after I sent them this video of an exploit in their production course registration system. The video shows how to use my roomate's login to read my grades. It has been patched.