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Open Source Code

Machine Translation

Each source tarball contains a README with compilation instructions. Code I wrote is under the LGPL and all dependencies are open source.
A phrase-based decoder 4-7.7 times as fast as Moses.
Hypergraph search
Finds high-scoring hypotheses in hypergraphs or lattices.
KenLM Language model toolkit
Estimates, filters, and queries language models. Uses less RAM and CPU than other language model packages.
MEMT: System combination
My research multi-engine machine translation system. Known in various evaluations as cmu-combo, cmu-heafield-combo, and cmu-statxfer.
Script that makes it easy to score machine translation output using NIST's BLEU and NIST, TER, and METEOR. Use plaintext with one segment per line instead of three different formats. Puts all the scores on a single line ready for inclusion in a table. Updated September 19, 2012.

Fun with C++

In addition to this code, I have quiz on C++ corner cases.
producer consumer.h
Exception safe producer consumer class supporting multiple readers and writers. Uses Boost.
For the 2008 underhanded C competition. The goal is to appear to properly redact a PPM file while leaking part of it.
prime time.c
Looking for a prime time? Call 5373737.