MEMT: System Combination

MEMT (Multi-Engine Machine Translation) is a system combination scheme. It combines single-best outputs from multiple independent translation systems to form an n-best list of combined translations that improve over individual systems.


Github or tarball updated October 18, 2012. The README, also included in the tarball, has installation instructions while my MT Marathon paper provides more documentation. There are also other papers.


In the Workshop on Machine Translation, MEMT is known as cmu-heafield-combo (2011 and 2010) and cmu-combo (2009). In the NIST MT 09 evaluation, the label cmu-statxfer refers to Alon Lavie's research group; the system combination results are MEMT.

In the WMT 2011 evaluation, humans ranked MEMT best combination in 8 of 10 language pairs.