National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship NSF

In 2008, I was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The application required three essays: a summary of past work, motivation, and a potential research plan.

Google Google Books
Picasa Web Albums

From March 2007 to August 2008, I worked at Google as a Software Engineer on Picasa Web Albums and Google Book Search. To share Google's approach to distributed systems, I lectured on the Hadoop MapReduce framework as part of a 3-day class at MIT. I wrote and delivered the introduction, basic join, and entropy lectures.4 Involved employees received a Site Award and a Peer Bonus.
Intended to follow a lecture on MapReduce theory, this introduces basic Hadoop programming
A few slides to explain reducers as joining data from separate sources
Run through of the Hadoop API followed by k-means clustering
Introduces an entropy-based word weighting scheme and uses it to motivate performance strategies

Netlab Netlab

In 2005, I worked for Netlab at Caltech as a Richard and Dena Krown Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow. Professor Low hired me after the summer and I continued until my Infosys internship in June 2006. These reports were prepared for the fellowship.

Galaxy Evolution ExplorerGALEX logo

Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) is a NASA satellite observatory with science operations at Caltech. Starting in 2004 as a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, I found about 90 variable stars and asteroids in their 193 million measurements. They hired me to continue working with their data until I graduated in March 2007. Results are published and therefore listed under Publications, above.

Information Management Systems and ServicesCaltech

I worked for Caltech's IT department as a student representative and later as a security tester. They hired me as a security tester after I sent them this video of an exploit in their production course registration system. The video shows how to use my roomate's login to read my grades. It has been patched.