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During the summer of 2005, Caltech closed the South Houses and opened what we affectionately call South Park. South Park is composed of 22 trailers (the wiring closet is number 22). Holliston Avenue divides South Park into two sites. The east, across the street from Avery, houses Dabney, Blacker, and Ricketts. Fleming is on the west, as is Ricketts lounge and the Blacker RA. A map, stolen from Dabney roompicks, is here. Each house has four trailers (or halves that add up to four) housing 12 people each.

South Park is a disaster and comedy of errors. It was delayed at least twice. Keys were handed out on July 8th and officially we had to be out at 5 pm, July 10th. The first thing we noticed was the bathrooms. They were huge and had a door to most of the rooms. So we used them for networking and coined the term "Network Operations Bathroom." Some trailers lacked running or hot water. Ants were everywhere. We had washers but no dryers because the plugs did not fit into the outlets. Stoves were similarly disabled. There are still only two working phones for the complex, one emergency. Most relevantly, none of the network jacks in the wall worked until July 22nd.

Map of kludgenet
At its height, kludgenet connected to every trailer on the East side except for 22, the Real Network wiring closet. Josh drew this diagram on Ruth-Anne's wall and Joe let me borrow his camera.