I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh and part of the Machine Translation group. According to the New York Times, I am a native speaker of C++ "on semipermanent loan from the Internet" and my t-shirt collection is "threadbare."

I work on high-quality and efficient neural machine translation with four PhD students: Soňa Galovičová, Jozef Mokrý, Anna Currey, and Alham Fikri Aji.

If you are interested in studying with me, apply to our MSc+PhD in Data Science, MSc+PhD in Pervasive Parallelism, or PhD.

I teach the most popular course in the school, Extreme Computing.

Previously, I was a Senior Research Scientist at Bloomberg, a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford, a Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon advised by Alon Lavie.

For fun, there's travel, C++, math homework, and networking.