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Cable was a constant problem. We needed long cables to go between trailers and only slightly shorter cables for people's rooms. Vinh made the first trip to Fry's and bought 100 m of Cat 5e plus copious clips. It cost $75. We used all of the cable. Later, Randall and I went on a second trip to Fry's. That trip was $50 for 300 m of Cat 5 (not counting my personal splurging on a new power supply). All of the cable was used. We used the UGCS crimpers to make cables. Thanks to Jeremy, Lusann, Josh Z., Randall, the Flem whose name I never got, and to all the other crimpers. I eventually learned how to crimp on the last night. My ITS laptop was the cable tester.
Trailer 13 door
Trailer 13 was a curious combination of cable lengths. Blue is the uplink from 15. Pink provides to 11, which is funny because 11's connection should have come directly from 15 but the cable was just too short. White goes outside to a single in 13.

Trailer 13 other side
Later in the network, trailer 13 would provide to 19.

Wood around the 16-11 cable
Josh Z. helped make the 11 to 16 cable around pipes. Workers installing wood boards cut slits to accomodate the cable.

More wood around the 16-11 cable
There was a pipe from 16 to 15 and 15 to 11. We used both and the worker cut slits in both the covers.

Trailer 11: incoming cable
The trailer 11 end of the cable follows the side to the bathroom door.

Somebody asked me if I was taking these pictures for a lawsuit.
Computer lab
Computer lab door: duct tape over main feed to 12, gray to 10, and blue to Dabney RAs.

A few people setup their own hardware without my intervention. Trailer 15 setup a wireless access point, Pan With Us, almost immediately. On Monday, Keegan setup SexNet, a Linksys WRT54G, in the "multipurpose" trailer. Initial path of SexNet packets: NAT in WRT54G, switch in 11, hub in 11 (Blair's room), switch in 13, hub in 15, switch in 16, NAT in FreeBSD box to wireless, bridge in WRT54G (Avery), NAT in linux box in Avery.
Trailer 15
Trailer 15 evolved a D-link wireless access point, Pan With Us

Keegan setup SexNet, a Linksys WRT54G. White is the uplink. Gray goes behind the couches but does not make it to the computer lab.

After we got legitimacy with Margo Marshak, the Flems setup their own small network. I sold them cable and clips for $20 and crimping help. They setup a small wireless network with no security. Their side got blocked by ITS security whereas ours never did. Call me biased.

Every night a batch of switches would come in. With small exception (for ITS), they were people's personal switches. After the South Housers were fresh out, Josh went to the North Houses and hauled a bag back of mostly Ruddock switches. Thanks Rudds. The task each night was relatively straightforward: maximize the number of connected trailers. The implementation was fun and a sysadmin's nightmare. For photos of switches in bathrooms, see the Switch Photos page.