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We used the term Network Operations Bathroom. In some sense the term was more justified than ITS's Network Operations Center which is now mostly storage. Problem is, they were all Network Operations Bathrooms.
During the wireless from Avery period, my packets followed a long path:
Amos's room: Linksys WRT54G
A wireless router in Amos's room provides the uplink.

Trailer 16: top level switch
The top level was a simple 100 Mbit switch. The rightmost black cable is the main feed. Note the attempt at attaching it to the wall.

Trailer 16: second level switch
The other side of 16's bathroom had a simple SMC 5 port from the bookstore (thanks Ryan).

Trailer 15: second level switch
Trailer 15 was hooked up to trailer 16 and provided wireless.

Trailer 13: bathroom
Trailer 13 bathroom switch. Gray on the right goes to Lisa/Dalina. Gray on the left goes to Harlan. The two crossing the bathroom go to Xuan's room (left) and Jeremy and my room (right). Blue is uplink to trailer 15.

Trailer 13: my room
Trailer 13 bookstore 5-port SMC switch in Jeremy and my room. The switch and mac are Jeremy's.

SexNet was also around during these early days:
Trailer 8: SexNet
SexNet leeched off of trailer 11 during the early days.

Later the computer lab had better access and the network was rearranged. Eventually, the network made it to every east-side trailer except the wiring closet.
Map of kludgenet
Map of kludgenet at its height made by Josh. Green dots are switches. Red is cables. Brown is house divisions.

Trailer 8: the computer lab
ITS switch in the computer lab with all-important fiber uplink

Trailer 12: second level
Most of the network ran through Trailer 12 which was linked directly to the lab. The sign just about sums things up.

Trailer 13: bathroom upgrade
We had a fancy cisco switch but lacked the ability to configure uplink ports. This meant it would not talk directly to the computer lab. So we had to put it behind the autosensing switch in trailer 12. Careful observation shows a crossover cable which goes to Jeremy's autosensing network card and which was far too short to go between trailers.

Trailer 13: switch locked down
Putting the word cisco before anything multiplies the price by 10. So we locked it down to the bathroom stall. The towel keeps the noisy fan from vibrating the wood.

Trailer 16
Once the proud top of the network, trailer 16 became largely a relay point.

Trailer 11
11 linked to 12 and provided to 16

Trailer 19
The one switch I lent to the effort is in use at trailer 19. Josh G. helped a lot in getting all the way there.

Trailer 18
Trailer 18 got Eliot hooked up and proxied to 21.

Trailer 21
The last trailer was number 21. It was only up for about a day before the real network.

Trailer 17
Trailer 17 got the hub because it was at the end of the network anyhow.