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Sunday July 10th was spent on the computer lab. Officially the network did not exist. When I eventually got out of my room around 11 it was time to help ITS move computer labs. Adele, Joe, Dan, and Josh G. from ITS staff were there. Adele brought donuts. I brought Pringles. Joe told me I suck and proceeded to snack on them. Non-OSHA moving technique included using ropes to lower computers out of second floor windows. Marx, one of the low-end Dabney windows boxes, was dropped.

The excellent inventory taken in preparation left six computers and twelve monitors in the computer lab. So Adele, Erik, and I raided the stored computers from other houses and took the best ones. I had to go around and get admin passwords. Blacker is run by Keegan who gave me the passwords mostly out of not wanting to do anything. Fleming gave me the password and said do whatever. Ricketts insisted on changing to a new password then did so incorrectly. Then there was, of course, how to get internet access in the computer lab. In order to hook up the printers to the computers locally Joe lent a cisco switch. Later he said he knew and was playing along. Shai and a friend helped hook up cables to computers. Eventually we made an uplink cable to the lab using trailer 11. Then rolling chairs destroyed it so we made another cable, this time to the closer trailer 12.
Computer Lab
Computer lab with mess of cables. Note the rolling chairs and concentration of vulnerable white cables near the wall on the switch.

Computer Lab Switch
Computer lab switch from ITS. Note the lack of uplink and filled plug strip. Why are there not more wall outlets?