3-year Postdocs in Machine Translation at the University of Edinburgh

Deadline: April 30, 2019.

At the University of Edinburgh, I am hiring Research Associates (postdocs) to work on machine translation. The following areas are particularly relevant, but candidates will be considered in all areas of machine translation:

Depending on your interests and eligibility, you might be funded by: Funding is available for 3 years. The starting salary is £33,199-£39,609. The university provides visa sponsorship including reimbursement of standard fees.


Required: Desirable: If you don't have a PhD, I expect to be hiring a crawl engineer soon. Or you can apply to do a PhD with me.


Contact Kenneth Heafield (jobs at kheafield.com) before applying. This is actually multiple positions with different criteria. Let me know if you meet eligibility for Marie Skłodowska-Curie funding so I can match you to the right call.

One position is funded partly by Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. It includes £5000 in relocation and other benefits. But there are eligibility requirements. Apply here but contact me (jobs at kheafield.com) for guidance on the 5-page proposal well in advance of the 30 April deadline.

Another position will be posted here and open to anybody. It will be open for 28 days. It will not require a 5-page proposal, but it will not have £5000 in relocation either.

About the group

The University of Edinburgh hosts one of the largest translation research groups in the world. We are part of 5 of the 7 Horizon 2020 Multilingual Next Generation Internet projects. The group owns a cluster with 80 GPUs and 1.2 PB space. We also have 300,000 GPU hours on Wilkes2 to burn in one year.