Efficient Translation Limited

My company Efficient Translation Limited makes neural machine translation faster. We believe in optimizing every layer of the stack: simplifying layers, quantizing operations, and writing assembly.

Potential applications include saving on cloud costs, compressing models for download, and running locally.

Efficient Translation Limited is a private limited company, registered in Scotland, with company number 638995. Please note that the services are provided by Efficient Translation Limited, directed by Dr Kenneth Heafield, acting in a personal capacity. Kenneth Heafield is not, and shall not be deemed to be, acting as agent or employee or representing in any way the University of Edinburgh. Accordingly, you and your company, by accepting the services, (i) acknowledge that the University of Edinburgh has no responsibility or liability for the services and (ii) is deemed to have waived any right or entitlement to pursue or instigate any claim or action against the University of Edinburgh for any injury, loss or damage you or your company may sustain as a result of Kenneth Heafield undertaking the services for you or your company.